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About Lagarti

Lagarti is a brand that brings together young British design and old world craftsmanship. From the beginning, our aim has been to transcend fast fashion by creating wallets that are beautiful, responsibly made and fairly priced. We start with the best crocodile leather sourced from sustainable farms in Colombia. Then, the carefully selected leather is shipped to Spain, where each skin is transformed into a Lagarti product by skilled craftsmen. We ensure that every detail is perfect before each Lagarti product completes its long journey around the world to arrive in your hands. 

Leather is a natural material and no two pieces are the same. Every Lagarti Product has its own markings, pattern and story; that is what makes it beautiful. Do care for your product by protecting it from overexposure to light, heat and moisture. Clean it by wiping it delicately with a neutral-coloured soft cloth. Use it daily and with love, remembering each step it has taken to get from our hands to yours.